The South Group

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620 Newport Center Drive
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Newport Beach, CA 92660

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Mission Statement

In a world where instant access to information leads to quick market changes, where many claim to know your investment needs, but few ask the right questions, professional management is more valuable than ever before. The South Group of Oppenheimer & Co. Inc. consists of Financial Advisor Ken South and his knowledgeable team. This group supports Ken, who provides investment analysis and portfolio management under Oppenheimer's OMEGA Program and offers financial planning through the Planning Group of Oppenheimer Asset Management Inc.Ken's mission is to customize balanced investment portfolios for individuals, trusts and corporate clients.

Based on the information our clients supply regarding their investment objectives, risk tolerance and current financial position, Ken South can custom-design portfolios that are carefully allocated among stocks, bonds, alternative investments (where appropriate) and cash equivalents. These portfolios are designed with the intent to grow faster than inflation, while safeguarding principal. Ken will work with his clients to address estate, insurance and tax strategy issues.

*The OMEGA Program offers a highly personalized approach to investment management. In this program, Ken South is your Financial Advisor and also your Portfolio Manager. OMEGA Portfolio Managers are investment professionals who have earned the OMEGA designation through years of investment management experience and professional study.

Who Are We?
The South Group is a Financial Advisory team at Oppenheimer & Co. Inc. Ken provides a high level of investment advice and wealth management services to a select clientele. Ken, with the assistance of his team, is dedicated to helping clients achieve their dreams by enabling them to strategically manage their financial affairs.

Who Are Our Clients?
Our clients are entrepreneurs, corporate executives, professionals and business owners who have built a capital resource base and are seeking to insure that their future is secure. Our purpose is to make a difference in their lives by helping them work toward securing a strong financial future.

Why Should You Invest With Us?
Ken's investment strategies utilize recognized fundamental analysis and tested technical analysis models to assist when designing individualized strategies for each client. Oppenheimer's environment means that we aren't tied to any proprietary products. We have access to a wide range of investment products to help find the right fit for each client's needs. We are uniquely positioned to deliver highly personalized service.

Value of Our Services?
Ken's strategic advice helps our clients navigate through a complex maze of financial alternatives. The individual team members bring their unique perspectives and expertise to create a powerful synergy. Ken helps provide our clients with an investment strategy tailored to their goals. Oppenheimer's independence allows us to provide unbiased personal solutions that are aligned with the client's objectives.


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